About Us

Our brand, Maie Fashion, was founded in 2017 with a simple idea: to provide comfortable yet fashionable bottom wear for Indian women. With a diverse population and many body types, we felt the need for someone to create something specially for us.

'Maie' translates to 'woman', embodying our focus on women's needs. Whether tall or short, skinny or broad, we have pants for everyone. Starting with just a few designs, we now offer over a hundred to choose from, marking our journey of growth.

Maie is a premium brand designed thoughtfully for Indian women. It's tailored for the modern professional woman who values quality and fit while building her stylish and comfortable wardrobe. Our motto is to offer great pieces at affordable prices, pricing our products fairly based on quality, fabrics, and fit.

Our goal is to help women "FIT BETTER, FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER".


Whether at work, out for the day, or relaxing at home, our designs prioritize comfort without compromising on style. We focus on 'fit better', adhering to international standards to perfect our designs specifically for the Indian body type, rather than adjusting to standard European sizes.


At Maie, every woman is special. Our cottons, linens, and stretch fabrics are carefully handpicked and thoughtfully designed to provide the best wearing experience for all our 'Maie Girls'. These premium fabrics are selected to help you 'feel better', ensuring both quality and comfort.


We believe strongly that comfort should not mean sacrificing style. Our designs are minimalistic yet elegant, classic yet fashionable, offering plenty of options and colors to help you 'look better' effortlessly.